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Elite Hathaway is an online financial coaching company dedicated to educate our students and clients financial strategies that will help them accomplish their financial goals and needs. We deal with corporate planning, non-profit organizations down to the nuts and bolts of small business owners and everyday people who are looking to maximize their financial future.

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After not being satisfied with the return I was getting on my retirement plan I’ve had for awhile, I met with Katie to see what my options were if I went in a different direction. We met several times, each time she had prepared and revised multiple options based on my short and long-term goals and what I was comfortable investing. She also spent a great deal of time explaining different retirement accounts and options, and the pros and cons of each. She thoroughly explained where my money was going and where it would be at any given time down the road. She was able to calculate what I need to invest now to retire at a certain age with a certain amount per month. All of this with zero pressure or obligation to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with or didn’t understand. On top of all of this, her conservative numbers were significantly better than the return I had been getting for years! I have no doubt my money is in good hands and I would strongly encourage anyone who is looking to start a retirement plan or is discouraged by their existing plan to spend one hour with Katie.

Josh Grimaud

When I met Cindy from Elite Hathaway, she explained thoroughly what I was getting, she also showed me all my options and didn’t pressure me to make a decision, that gave me so much confidence and trust that she was looking out for my best interest that I decided to work with her. I have enjoyed working with her in my retirement so much that I recommend her over and over again to anyone who is serious about having a retirement plan.  If you’re thinking about retirement, Cindy is your gal, if you’re thinking about investment, Cindy is the one, if you’re thinking about your kids’ future, Cindy can help you. I know that she will tell me the truth and show me all my options so I can make an informed decision and that’s why Cindy is more than my financial advisor, I can consider her my friend.

Silvia Perez

I had retired with a retirement savings plan. I had no idea as to what I should do to protect and wisely invest my money. I was so happy that Katie explained my options and what would be the best for me and my financial future. She is so knowledgeable and patient and was there for me every step of the way. Thankfully now I have peace of mind and can relax, kick back and enjoy this time of my life. Thank you KatieLynn!

LouJean Smith

I am thankful I found KatieLynn! Finances have scared and intimidated me! I avoided them. But I knew if I kept making the same choices I was going to get the same results – feeling broke and anxious. KatieLynn not only showed me a different way, she showed me how! She is so patient and kind. Finances can be such a vulnerable area to talk about. But KatieLynn made me feel safe and together we created a plan for my future and how to make the best use of my money. Katie truly wants to help you do what is best for your financial situation and will go above and beyond to make it happen.

Cindy Montano

As performer and model with a successful career I never put lot of thought into my financial journey, it was always stuff I never understood. My girlfriend Jenny told me about Adam and Elite Hathaway, that’s how I met Jamie, she helped me see the value in things that I was doing, and increased my knowledge on stuff I didn’t. I am grateful to have learned so much about it, Jamie also has invited me to great events in New York and I’ve met other agents with Elite Hathaway who are awesome. Great company for sure.

Misty Gower

When Laura started talking to my about my financial plan, I thought I needed thousands of dollars per month, I realized thanks to her I didn’t. She gave me the tools I needed, set me up with a great company and now I can plan accordingly to get married with out worrying about the future.

Fernando Ortega

Working with Lisa from Elite Hathaway was great, she took the time in my busy schedule to create a solid financial plan for me and my husband. I love that we did it online because I am always traveling and never could make the time to really go see anyone in person at a regular office. I would recommend everyone to learn how to get their financial life i order the way that I did.

Satii Ling

I can’t find enough good things to say about Johanna and Elite Hathaway. Because I was unemployed when we first met I was hesitant to start spending money on retirement, but my bachelor’s degree in finance told me otherwise. Johanna did a great job of letting us set the pace, but still following up. She wanted to make sure that we got the best financial tools available to ensure we got a good retirement package going. I really appreciate that Johanna personalized our package, instead of creating a one-size fits all instrument. I would recommend her and Elite Hathaway to anyone in a heartbeat.

Zachary Stucki

Johanna Stock came at the right time and was a breath of fresh air! We’d wanted life insurance and sound investment options for a long time, and had met other people who either did not treat us well, or had their own interests at heart instead of ours. Johanna and Elite Hathaway treated us so well and answered all of our questions so thoroughly and openly that we felt we could trust them and move forward. Definitely not disappointed! Thank you so much Johanna for helping us feel confident in our financial future!! 🙂

Grant and Aila Griffiths

Johanna has been an enormous blessing in my life. Before working with her, I handed off the management of my finances to other people, but now I have a hold on what is happening with my money in the long term. Johanna takes time with me to explain investment concepts and has crafted a portfolio that is tailored to my specific situation. She is always available to answer my questions and has a contagious joie de vivre that makes her a joy to work with!

Kelley Kim

Johanna is one of the most beautiful souls I have had the pleasure to meet and work with!  I know very little about money and finances.  She took the time and explained everything so well to me, and I can honestly say I now feel comfortable and empowered in making smart decisions regarding my future.  She is extremely knowledgeable in her field of work, personable on every level, and I can tell that she truly loves what she does.  I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much Johanna!

Carli Hoffman

Elite Hathaway Client

Amanda Gail is a natural born leader and her passion for educating people about how to financially secure a future through Elite Hathaway is unmatched. As someone who Amanda has educated about how to utilize the services that Elite Hathaway offers in order to promote financial security for not only for myself but for my family as well I am always confident that Amanda’s counsel in all matters involving finances is astute! I appreciate her passion for family, establishing financial security for generations and her consistency in promoting a message that reinforces that!

Geneah Berrian

Everyone hesitates before spending money but I can confirm that this investment is well worth it. The process of my personal portfolio covered a lot of information; the way Amanda Gail delivered in concise portions made it easy to absorb. Amanda kept her focus on my future plans and the help of Elite Hathaway Service made my plans feel logical, effective but most of all achievable. My experience with Elite Hathaway gave me the confidence to implement new techniques in my life immediately and I am looking forward to the future.

LeAnn Corea

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With Elite Hathaway we help you create a financial legacy not just for your future but also the generations forward. We look at areas where you're already spending money, your budget, retirement and saving plans and offer you better plans that are superior for you and your family in every way shape and form. We have a in house Design team which is a combination of over 200 years of experience.

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How Much is a Dime Worth to You?

It’s worth more than you think. Let me ask you a question..I will give you $1 million cash or a dime doubled every day for the next 30 days. Which would you choose?

If you were wise, you would choose the second option, because you just made yourself over $53 million. This example shows us the power of compound interest.

Never lose a dime ever again. And obviously, you would much rather receive these dimes tax-deferred
($40 million) or tax-free ($53 million) at the end of those 30 days; because if you were to tax them as-you-go, you would end up with only $12,700 (assuming 25% tax bracket).

That’s a huge drop to your fun-retirement nest egg. Elite Hathaway will help you protect and grow your money in the most tax advantageous, risk-free manner. I’m proud to say none of our clients have ever lost a dime.

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