Q: Can men join Elite Hathaway?
A: Yes, absolutely. We do not discriminate or discourage anyone of any background, gender, or religion from joining our crusade. Let’s all work together.

Q: What is an Executive Coach and can anyone become one?
A: An Executive Coach is someone who is at a Level 50% or above, someone who has the knowledge to take someone through the process of not only a client but also an Agent.

Q: Are you guys Financial Planners?
A: Most people in Elite Hathaway are Life-Licensed only. There are however, people in the company who are certified financial planners. Most products that are marketed by Elite Hathaway require only your Life-License.

Q: Do I need an office to be part of Elite Hathaway?
A: No, the beauty of Elite Hathaway is that it’s an online platform. Most of your clients you will see online.

Q: If my client wants to see me in person, can I see them face to face?
A: Absolutely, the convenience about On-Line is that you can see your clients from anywhere, but if you choose to see your clients face to face, you’re totally welcome to do so.

Q: Do I have to licensed in every state?
A: Only in the states which you will conduct business.

Q: How old do you have to be to join the company?
A: 18 and older, or old enough to get a licensed in the state you reside.

Q: Do I have to be a client of Elite Hathaway to work with you guys?
A: No, our agents are not required to be clients, but we recommend it if it’s suitable.

Q: Is Elite Hathaway a Network Marketing company?
A: Elite Hathaway does not pay you to recruit, there’s no physical product auto-ship or inventory you have to carry.

Q. How quickly can I become an Executive Coach?
A. That’s completely up to you, based on your knowledge and license, you can become one. We just want to make sure you know what you’re doing. Our clients deserve a well-trained-executive.

Q: How did Elite Hathaway start?
A: Adam Farfan saw the need for a company of this kind, he also knew the industry needed a make-over and more properly trained agents that did the right things for clients.

Q: Are you in my city?
A: We may or may not be, but as long as you got a WIFi connection, we are everywhere.

Q: How can I talk to a Wealth Specialist?
A: Contact us at support@elitehathaway.com

Q: How can you make sure I have the right financial plan?
A: Based on your Financial-DNA exam we see your needs, based on your age, health and habits and pick the best company we believe to have the qualities you are looking for.

Q: If I join Elite Hathaway I’m I consider an Employee?
A: Definitely not, you call the shots, this is your business, you’re a 1099 Independent Contractor.

Q: I’m I obligated to go to all the trainings?
A: No, remember, you’re not an employee… but,  the reason why we suggest you to go to trainings, is because we believe we will give you the proper tools to take care of your clients properly,  and help you maximize your success if you want to build your own virtual office.

If you didn’t find your question here, no problem!! Email us to support@elitehathaway.com 🙂