How much is a dime worth to you?

It’s worth more than you think. Let me ask you a question..I will give you $1 million cash or a dime doubled every day for the next 30 days. Which would you choose?

If you were wise, you would choose the second option, because you just made yourself over $53 million. This example shows us the power of compound interest.

Never lose a dime ever again. And obviously, you would much rather receive these dimes tax-deferred
($40 million) or tax-free ($53 million) at the end of those 30 days; because if you were to tax them as-you-go, you would end up with only $12,700 (assuming 25% tax bracket).

That’s a huge drop to your fun-retirement nest egg. Elite Hathaway will help you protect and grow your money in the most tax advantageous, risk-free manner. I’m proud to say none of our clients have ever lost a dime.

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