Letter by Founder

Often, I get asked why? …Why a Financial Company for everyone, but catered to women?…

I grew up in a country where women until this day aren’t equal to men, in a world where I always saw men overrule women and get what they want. I’ve seen women get mistreated, under-paid and under-recognized. It was very clear to me that our opportunities were not equal because of one simple fact… gender.

My household was different, I grew up with very loving parents. No brothers, but two amazing little sisters and a mom. I always saw the ‘hidden’ talents that women in my family had… The ability to communicate, nurture and care about others in ways I simply didn’t. I always saw them being able to accomplish things in a very different way than men do, and I believe that a special gift women have.

As I started in the financial services industry I was always eager to give women more opportunity, the opportunity to build more, create more, make more and have a shot to Win Big in Life. What I fell in love with the most was the process, the transformation that I saw them have.

They say “More money makes good people better, bad people worse”. What I saw them do…
is become better, stronger and more ambitious… ambitious to do great things with their life’s and for this world.

I always knew that anyone, as long as they had the “right vehicle”, anyone can become who they always wanted to be, I knew that because that’s what happened to me.

This company, Elite Hathaway is my legacy, the company I am most proud of, not only because its’ a world class company, but because of the amazing people in it, to whom today I’m proud of calling friends.

I believe with all my heart this is a company of destiny, the reason we look for more talent, is because we belief in giving more women this opportunity. A shot to Freedom and unlimited success.
We have codes of honor, rules we live by, standards of excellence. We don’t live in the regular world.
Now, I know I am not perfect (never claimed to be),
but I believe this company is Perfect, and it has everything you need to change your world and the life’s of many. The world needs to be ignited by people who want to change  it and make it better.
Help us change the world, one household at the time.

Enjoy this gift, as I truly belief it is the gift of freedom.




Adam Farfan