Every client is unique, so there is no one-size-fits-all product offering at Elite Hathaway. Once you speak to a Licensed Wealth Executive and you have a chance to talk, you can figure out which of the following services will provide you with the guidance you need to get on the pathway to a great Financial Future.


An annuity is an insurance product that pays you periodic income payments in exchange for your premium payment. It can be used as part of your overall retirement strategy. Depending on the type of annuity, it may help you grow your retirement savings, protect your savings from loss, and offer death benefits to protect your beneficiaries.

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Social Security Maximization

Whether you’re depending upon Social Security to make a significant impact to your retirement income or having Social Security as just a part of your entire financial portfolio, we will show you an optimal retirement strategy when claiming your Social Security income.

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Tax Minimization Solutions

The wealthy are using strategies that are available to the public. Yet not many individuals know of these strategies because they are simply not aware of them. We want to change that.

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Life Insurance Analysis & Review

From interest and financial market changes to the regulatory changes made to state and/or federal estate tax laws, things are not what they were even five years ago.  By reviewing your existing life insurance policy, you may be able to save thousands of dollars per year.

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Estate Planning

It’s important to be in control of your financial legacy. We’ll guide you using wealth transfer strategies designed to help you transfer your assets in the most tax-advantaged way possible, so your loved ones can benefit most from your estate.

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Investment Management

With so many investment choices in the global marketplace, it can be overwhelming deciding where to invest your hard-earned money. We can help to determine what investments are appropriate given your risk tolerance and financial goals.

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College Funding

The key is to understand the balance between paying for college and saving for retirement.  Both are incredibly important; but the rules are not always the same.  A family must understand the rules and then determine which strategies are most appropriate for their unique situation

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Financial Assesment

If you would like the opportunity to speak to one of our Financial Experts and receive a FREE Financial Assessment $997.00 Value please fill out the quick form below. When you’re finish we will review it, give you a call and let you know if you’ve qualified by one of our executives or staff members.

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Elite Hathaway helps individuals, families and businesses on ways to grow their wealth and achieve their financial goals. Through our five-step process, we will explore the options currently available to you and build a custom wealth plan designed for your unique situation.

Step 1: Identify

Discover your needs in life and identify future goals. Explore and discuss uncommon financial strategies that fit your unique situation.

Step 2: Design

From our findings, our advanced wealth design team and I will craft a customized wealth plan for you and your family entitled, Your Personal Wealth Report; outlining areas for improvements and tax diversification.

Step 3: Develop

After the detailed presentation, there may be an area where more time will need to be spent based upon your level of understanding. This step assures your certainty and confidence with the custom wealth plan and allows for any adjustments to be made – if necessary.

Step 4: Implement

Once your confirmation and signature is in place, your plan gets sent to our back office for a thorough review. All medical exams, insurance contracts, redirecting activities, and other necessary steps are completed to set your wealth plan into action.

Step 5: Review

On your anniversary date (date policy became effective), we will schedule an annual review to go over your plan; making sure you are on pace with the goals we established in prior discussions. This meeting is also meant to assess your current situation to see if anything has changed.

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