Advisory Board


Cindy Lizarazo. (Liz) President, Licensed Executive Wealth Strategist

Cindy began as an Entrepreneur at the age of 21 in business, she ran a successful transportation business before her venture with Financial services, her vast experience made her succeed in her career in the height of the economic recessions. In 2012 she joined an independent practice ran by Adam Farfan – who mentored Cindy for over 6 years which helped with the tremendous success in her financial career.

She is a very successful Financial Strategist, Retirement planning and lifestyle expert. She was drawn to the financial services industry as a result of a family loss and the scarcity of economic strength that was directly related to the lack of proper financial planning.

Due to the initial experience in the car business and market volatility – adopted a “safe wealth” retirement planning perspective that allows clients to participate in market appreciation while protecting wealth from intermittent economic downturns and volatility.
Just as important as it is to protect against market downturns It also is as important to protect against increases taxation’s.

As a result, the vast majority of strategies that are implemented by Cindy with clients, they are protected from traditional market downturns and are tax-free in nature.

Cindy is an extremist sports enthusiast and full of life. She loves to travel the world and is also an investor in foreign Real State.
Aquatic sports in nature are her favorite. She spends much of her free time enjoying adventures with her family, mountain biking, and hiking in Hollywood Hills.


Public Relation Advisor & Licensed Executive Wealth Strategist

Johanna Stock has been involved in different businesses, franchise ownerships, and investments, throughout the years. For the last 10 years, Johanna has been a serial entrepreneur, and has become a highly sought-after public speaker. Years ago, she transitioned full-time into the financial industry, where she immediately became passionate about educating people in finance, and empowering others to learn how to take control of their own lives. She is currently licensed in multiple states, and works with clientele around the country. Johanna has four beautiful children, and is currently a mentor, leader and licensed Wealth Executive with Elite Hathaway.

She applies the same dedication, leadership responsibilities, and skills needed from her continued professional service to the team. She makes it her personal responsibility to ensure each one of our clients is completely satisfied with their experience. “I truly enjoy,” Johanna states, “being part of a successful dream team that is making a difference in our clients long-term financial security and wellness.”

Today, Johanna is an International #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, and teaches women, clients and organizations across the U.S. the importance of money and self-development, and programs to help achieve financial independence and conscious happiness. In her free time, Johanna loves to travel, volunteer, keep herself fit through martial arts, and of course, spend time with her family and friends; knowing the importance of balancing home life, as well as a business woman.

Christine Perakis

Success Coach, Lawyer, Business Advisor.

Christine Perakis has been a lawyer, business adviser, entrepreneur, C-Suite executive, adj professor, and professional boat captain, best selling author, and navigating myriad transactions and businesses across 5 continents.

Her work, expertise, and interests have taken her beyond a lucrative legal practice in the entertainment industry over a couple of decades. A number of Christine’s clients, because of their commitment and desire to more fully utilize her breadth of skills and experience, offered Christine equity and brought her in to manage their businesses from the C-suite, or as a managing partner.

Consequently, Christine has run or been a part of a management team in 10 businesses, growing, expanding and achieving results beyond the expectations of all involved. The most recent role being as a COO in a company that went from a 100% equity funded startup to a $10 million/year business in just a few short years.

Christine is passionate about growing businesses and expertise speaks volumes, she knows what
it takes to take Elite Hathaway agents get to the next level with her programs and training.

Lisa Lewolt

Speaker, Trainer and Marketing Strategist.

She travels as an ambassador for global charities and mitigates grand challenges teaching business acceleration principles and mass movement marketing to CEO’s.

Lisa has spoken for over 300 events at Conferences, schools, the US Troops and even the United Nations.
She has appeared in over Twenty T.V shows such as Malcom in the Middle, American Dreams, Ned’s Declassified, Boston Public, The Brian Mcknight show; and five films working with stars such as Adam Sandler, Shaq, Kathy Ireland, and Jennifer Aniston.

Lisa is dedicated to the marketing, social media and web-development of Elite Hathaway as well as being in front of the camera and available for agents to maximize their online success. Lisa worked behind the scenes as the product placement manager for Cannel Street films and the cast assistant for the Disney Channel, American Idol and the Jonas Brothers. She learned first-hand how to create viral product and pop campaigns using social media from some of the biggest celebrity sensations in Hollywood.

Andrew Vanburen

Premier – Wealth Strategist & Professional-Dedicated Financial Planner. CFP.

Andrew Van Buren, Financial Planner and Top Wealth Strategist, is dedicated to helping individuals, families, and business owners attain financial peace of mind and freedom when it comes to their retirement and estate planning.  After years of studying the characteristics of wealth accumulation and the impact of taxes, he understands why some individuals are better positioned for financial success than others. He sees it as his mission to educate clients on the financial principles of how to grow, protect, and transfer their wealth.

Andrew brings a unique background to the Elite Hathaway team as he comes from a family background of decades of experience in the business. Andrew graduated from Utah Valley University with a BS in Business Management which led to Andrew owning and starting a Private Wealth Management company. Andrew is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner. By being certified by the CFP Board, he has taken the extra step to demonstrate his professionalism by voluntarily submitting to the rigorous certification process that includes highly demanding education, examination, experience and ethical requirements. He also adheres to the Fiduciary Standard, which mandates that every CFP has to put their clients’ needs ahead of his/her own. Andrew is currently working on his Certified Tax Specialist™ designation from the Institute of Business and Finance and expects to complete the program by the end of 2018. Andrew holds his Life and Health licenses, so he is able to bring the best of the insurance and investment world to the table for his clients.

He and his wife Jenna have been married for 10 years and have 4 children. When he’s not working he loves to watch the basketball, play golf and spend time with his family.


Adam Farfan

Financial Genius Entrepreneur  CEO & Founder – Elite Hathaway.

Adam started with a simple internship at the age of 16. Shortly after turning age 18, he opened his first financial services company. Adam’s premium company consulted for businesses globally by re-engineering their financials and sales divisions, including his own company. Well-known for exemplifying a world-class lifestyle, Adam’s greatest passion is to lead others to transform them into remarkably successful leaders too.

His clients? Entertainment/Film Industry Celebrities, Pro-Athletes, Non-Profit Organizations, 500 INC CEO’s, Forbes Rated Companies, & more.

Having a cutting-edge financial expertise, an impeccably extensive track record, and a deep love for developing leadership in others, Adam founded a world’s leading financial company–Elite Hathaway.
This one-of-a-kind premiere online financial coaching company is dedicated to mentoring his agents and clients across the world. Adam’s strategic implementation methods made him one of the worlds most well-respected industry icons. Adam has now been featured in many social-public platforms for his deep understanding of Wealth-Creation and iconic associations.

Adam enjoys traveling with his friends and family. He supports many charity and philanthropic foundations, and is also a member of many summits and master-mind groups around the Globe, and loves evening events that are dedicated to empowering other entrepreneurs.