Josh Grimaud

After not being satisfied with the return I was getting on my retirement plan I’ve had for awhile, I met with Katie to see what my options were if I went in a different direction. We met several times, each time she had prepared and revised multiple options based on my short and long-term goals and what I was comfortable investing. She also spent a great deal of time explaining different retirement accounts and options, and the pros and cons of each. She thoroughly explained where my money was going and where it would be at any given time down the road. She was able to calculate what I need to invest now to retire at a certain age with a certain amount per month. All of this with zero pressure or obligation to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with or didn’t understand. On top of all of this, her conservative numbers were significantly better than the return I had been getting for years! I have no doubt my money is in good hands and I would strongly encourage anyone who is looking to start a retirement plan or is discouraged by their existing plan to spend one hour with Katie.

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Elite Hathaway is an all women’s financial firm that has meaning and purpose. Over the years of being in business and the experience how the financial industry is mainly male dominated, women making less income than men, we have found […]


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