The financial industry has an interesting way of transforming you…
You take one small step, and all of a sudden you embark on a journey. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are ready for that journey, or whether or not you want to take it… Life will push you into it anyway. Means… You have to learn the money game in other to not get taken advantage of by …

– Big corporations
– Greedy Bosses
– Average under educated Financial Planners
– Mediocre Lifestyle seminars… and so much more…

I wanted to introduce to you:
The Elite Hathaway Prolife Program. A Transformational Experience for men dedicated to enhance your financial future in every way possible… ever since I’ve put this program together I couldn’t be more proud and grateful at the lives that have changed because of it so far.
Financial Services is my craft and it means the world to me:

My goal is to shake you out of your reality. I wanted to awaken a new, improved, better version of you, and I can truly say that The Elite Hathaway Transformational Experience delivers on that promise.

How to use CORE PRINCIPLES to attract the right clients to your business, without having to rely on old school sell tricks and primitive techniques.
How to sow POSITIVE SEEDS in our behavior so that the more we develop, the better we become.
How to establish UPWARD SPIRALS that continue to elevate our results for our agents, creating INSANE transformations for years into the future.

We didn’t just stop there…
We expanded the program beyond anything that has ever existed before.
We dug deeper, we went further, we pushed harder…
As we did, we stumbled on revolutionary concepts. Concepts that redefined financial services, extreme high performance, and existence as we knew it.
These concepts were so powerful, we had no choice but to find a way to share them with you.

Ultimately, my main reason for creating this Program
Transformational Experience was a deeply personal one…
I remember as a “rookie”, there were so few resources for you to learn this industry. I’d wander the streets attempting bizarre sells experiments on random prospects, usually making an idiot out of myself again and again.
Funny enough you may not be aware of this, but I was first learning this stuff, I actually spent over a year travelling the world to meet any guru we could find who claimed to be good, in sales and was willing to show me how it was done.
Some were great, and some were not so good, but back then we’d spend thousands of dollars on hotels and airfare, or even sleep on mentors homes and drive across the country for 15 hours a day, just to get a GLIMPSE of what others who were “good in the financial field” looked like when they closed business.
(And usually we’d get like one little insight here, one little epiphany there…It was “slow going” to say the least.)
Now why did I extend myself like this and go to all this trouble?
On one level it was a crazy adventure (that’s obvious…). But more importantly, it was worth it to us because we knew that if we could get the opportunity to SEE IT DONE, we’d have a shift in our own belief systems about what was possible between rookies and pros, and we’d understand exactly what to do ourselves.

TODAY… I encourage everyone to be part of this amazing program and join us to change the world together. Become a student today and learn the tricks of the trade. To you I personally teach this program but I am very limited as far as how many clients I can work with at the time.

HOWEVER, … The Academy will always be there along with videos, live calls, Q&A’s and epic trainings and of course the touch of our most professional’s Executive Wealth Coaches.

Can’t wait to meet you, and possibly have you be part of this amazing venture.

Apply here, send me some quick info about you and maybe let’s set up a time to talk … I’ll be in touch.

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