Women in Business

Elite Hathaway is an all women’s financial firm that has meaning and purpose. Over the years of being in business and the experience how the financial industry is mainly male dominated, women making less income than men, we have found a better way. Women make up the majority of our firm and they are not just top financial expert’s but they are also caring genuine, diverse and so much more…
The magic behind how Elite Hathaway has evolved into our financial empire started with the main mentor of our top Executive Agents, Adam Farfan. Adam grew up in a household of all women and saw the dynamic, hard work and unstoppable character that the women in his life showed. Because of this, Adam knew that financial services needed the same discipline with the touch of nurturing when it comes to working with client’s delicate financial needs.

The core concepts that have helped our agents grow financially, physically, and mentally:

-The tools to create a business that has the flexibility of time and any location

-Ongoing training to take a brand new person who’s never worked in the financial field into a confident and knowledgeable professional

-Platform to build a tribe of like-minded inspiring women

-The network, mentorship, and support needed to grow in life skills

When you know there’s more to life than just working and paying bills, you know you’re destined to do something with purpose. What kind of legacy will you leave behind, and how can Elite Hathaway play a huge part in your journey to feel like you’re living your life with purpose?

What are you waiting for? Time is of the essence, contact our team to see if you vibe with our Elite Hathaway tribe.

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